Rectangular Swimming Pool with Immerged Cover

Professional repair & maintenance services for private swimming pool owners.

Your one-stop resource for private swimming pool maintenance, repair and enhancements in France.

Based in Gourdon, in the Lot department, The Swimming Pool Company was born out of Piscine-Plus.Com and offers a single point of reference and support for anyone involved in swimming pool post-installation water and equipment management, control & maintenance in France. Most of our current clients reside in the Dordogne, Lot, Garrone and Correze but we will consider work further afield in areas such as Gers, Tarn, Aveyron and Gironde - just contact us.

Liner Replacement  - By far the most common service that we undertake is the replacement of an existing liner. Whether it is because of damage, wear and tear or just an aesthetic change, we offer to change your liner in as little as one day. If you would like to undertake the change youself, we also offer a supply-only service.

Filtration Equipment  - Along with accurate chemistry control, the key to clear water is efficient filtration. We supply filters and associated equipment as well as the filtration media itself.

Chemistry Control - Combined with efficient filtration, the best way to get your pool from green to clean is carry out precise chemistry control.  Some of the systems that we provide even offer full control over filtration modes, heat pump operation, lighting and pool pump timing.

Opening & Closing - Why, how, when. No more Spring time openings with a green pool !

Security  - Security covers and/or alarms ensure that you comply with the French law. We offer barred and slatted security covers, alarms and winter tarpaulin type security covers.

Heating - Heat pumps offer you all year round swimming. We can easily add a heat pump to your system to enable you to heat your pool to over 30°C if required.