Chemistry Control

Remote Monitoring, Control and Configuration

  • Remote Management - remotely viewing and monitoring your system

  • Remote Configuration - remotely configuring your system when changes are required

  • Alert Management - reacting to pre-set alerts for out of bounds indicators, chemical levels, temperature etc

  • Remote pump & filter operation

Running a swimming pool with crystal clear water is not a difficult state to maintain but, once external factors are able to influence this state, without regular monitoring and control of the water quality, clear water can soon turn to green water.

Some standard chemicals & chemical characteristics:

  • pH (the acidity or alkalinity of the water)

  • Sanitiser (usually Chlorine)

  • Cyanuric Acid (often called Stabiliser)

  • Sodium Bicarbonate (associated with Total Alkalinity)

  • Calcium (associated with water harness)

Understanding these chemicals & characteristics, as well as being able to accurately measure them in your swimming pool, is the basis for achieving crystal clear water. There are other chemical characteristics that can become important at times, but these 5 are by far the most important and usually, when balanced, will be sufficient to give you a trouble-free swimming experience.

Whilst managing these chemicals levels is quite possible manually, we can offer systems that will automate different functions such as:

  • Sanitizer level (usually chlorine) - Verify, Add Sanitiser

  • pH level - Verify, Add Acid, Add Alkali

  • Water temperature - Increase, Decrease

  • Water level - Verify, Fill, Empty

  • Filter function - Filter, Backwash, Rinse, By-Pass

  • Pump operation

  • Ancillary equipment control such as lighting, garden watering, web camera, alarms.

Let us know if you would like to automate these functions.



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