Liner Change

A liner replacement is probably the most expensive outlay you will make in the long term maintenance and management of your swimming pool. However, the good news is that we offer a large choice of colours, multiple qualities and the option to have a frise added. They are guaranteed for at least 10 years, but there is no reason why, if well maintained, they should not last much longer.

We offer liners from Annonay, one of the largest manufacturers in France. They have supplied over 28000 liners since 1994. For 2022 they offer 45 different variations of liners in 3 qualities as well as 16 different frises.

A utility to view the different liners available from Annonay, and to view those liners with optional frises at the same time, is available here.

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Swimming Pool with a new liner

If you are sure of your swimming pool size, are confident of the physical condition of the structure and just want us to deliver a new liner to you - we can, depending on the time of year, sometimes within just 5 days. However, it is much more common for us to carry out the procedure below. Bear in mind that at the peak of the season liners can take 8 weeks to produce, so a decision to purchase early in the year is suggested to ensure that the swimming pool is ready for the start of the season, if desired. Also, purchasing before the end of the year, even for installation the following season can save money as liner prices do increase every January. If you would like us to install your new liner we can provide approximate liner prices based on just your pool shape and size, but the final price may be subject to a site visit.

Liner Change Process:

Depending on your pool size and shape, water pressure and the initial state of the swimming pool, the liner change process could be carried out in as little as 1 day.

If you want to install the liner yourself (the total price of your project will then certainly be reduced) we are happy to order the liner based on your own measurements. You may want to save time, and a little cost, by carrying out steps 1 & 2 yourself, however, if you want us to carry out the installation, we would insist on carrying out the remaining steps ourselves.

Ultim Quality Liner in a Swimming Pool


Dreamliner 2015 Quality Liner in a Swimming Pool


Dreamliner 2030 Quality Liner in a Swimming Pool


View more details about the liners below. Sorry, this document is only available in French.

APF-Brochure Liner.pdf