Pool Heating

Having your swimming pool heated is beginning to be the new normal now, especially when it comes to the expectations of renters. Fortunately, technology has progressed now to the point where air source heat pumps (the most efficient way of heating your swimming pool) are affordable, quiet and reasonably aesthetically pleasing. 

Pure Lite Heat Pump

Pure Lite

Pure Evo Heat Pump

Pure Evo

Pure Inverter Heat Pump

Pure Inverter

Taken as an average cost spread over the season, heating your pool would work out to around 1€ per day. The key to keeping this cost to a minimum is to ensure that the pool is always covered at night.

If you do not live permanently at your pool location, combined with some of the more sophisticated management systems, your heater could be activated prior to your visits, ensuring that the water is up to temperature for your arrival.

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