Every swimming pool in France has to conform to the national security rules and by far the most common method of meeting these obligations is to use a security cover.

Barred Cover

Manual Slatted Cover

Electric Slatted Cover

Immerged Cover

Fences and alarms can also conform to these regulations but as you would almost certainly need a cover anyway, maybe even two (one for winter and one for summer) having a single, all year round, security cover is often the most economical solution.

A security alarm is a useful addition to your primary security solution, especially as it could be used when your cover is off the pool, but we do not recommend alarms as your primary security device. For example - can you always respond to it within 3 minutes - the law says you need to be able to !

Security Cover Considerations

Barred Covers:

  • Barred covers need an extra 30cm all around the pool (in excess of the pool size) for fixings.

  • If your pool is greater than 32m², you will either need two winders or an automatic winder.

  • For pools over 50m², a manually operated slatted cover is often cheaper.

Slatted Covers:

  • Unless you are considering a manually operated above ground version, a slatted cover will need a power supply to be laid to the end of the pool where the cover will roll up to (opposite the steps if you have them)

  • Slatted covers benefit from an additional light-weight winter cover to minimise colour degredation and general ageing

  • Installing an immerged cover (and to a certain extent, above ground covers) after the swimming pool has been constructed can entail a lot of pre-installation work around the margelles and pool struture.

Download or View more details about the security products below. Sorry, these documents are only available in French.

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