The efficient filtration of your swimming pool water is critical to your bathers health, the aesthetics of the pool and the long term life of the liner and swimming pool filtration equipment. As such, alongside the correct chemical treatment of the water, optimum functioning of the physical filtration is the route to sparkling clean water.

Most modern private swimming pools use sand filters to clean the water, although crushed glass is normally now used in place of sand.

Typical Swimming Pool Pump

Typical Pool Pump

Intelligent Swimming Pool Pump

Intelligent Pool Pump

Top & Side Sand Filters

Top & Side Filters

High Efficiency Sand Filter

High Efficiency Filter

If you have problems with your filtration equipment, we offer to either examine, and hopefully fix, your swimming pool pump, filter and associated equipment or, if beyond local repair, replace with your choice of either basic equipment, properly sized for your swimming pool, or replace with high efficiency equipment designed to offer the highest water turnover and lowest running costs. We can also replace your current filtration medium with crushed glass which filters your water to 2-3 microns, meaning less work to do for your chemical control. Another advantage of crushed glass is that it never needs changing, unlike sand which needs changing every 3-4 years.

If you have a cartridge filtration system, even a Christal Pool type, we can also change these systems to a glass based system, saving you many hours cleaning, as well as offering a finer filtration result.